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ROCKNATION ISSUE 27                                                                                                               PAGE 9

                                                            You have an Audio Book version of “EVEN KEEL: Life On The
                                                            Streets Of Rock N Roll.” What are some of the highlights about
                                                            Ron Keel: The Audio Book is a big production, with state-of-the-art
                                                            voice production, musical passages, guest reads by some of the
                                                            people in my life like my sister Sherleen, Marc Ferrari, Brian Slagel
                                                            from Metal Blade, my music teacher from school, many of the
                                                             journalists who wrote features and reviews have added their voices
                                                             to the project. I tend to make a big production out of everything…
                                                             We’re releasing the Audio Book one chapter at a time for members
                                                             at, and as I’m voicing and producing the
                                                             project I am also writing the sequel, which goes into more detail
                                                             about some of the other bands and experiences including IronHorse,
                                                             the 10 years in Las Vegas in the tribute industry, and the past 6
                                                             years with Ron Keel Band.

                                                             What new Ron Keel music releases in 2020 is available for the
                                                             fans right now?
                                                             Ron Keel: Our new album SOUTH X SOUTH DAKOTA has become
                                                            the soundtrack of 2020 for many of us…it’s a very special collection
          of classic southern rock covers from the iconic heroes of that genre. Those songs, and that style of music, really are
          timeless and so much of what the Metal Cowboy is all about gets categorized as southern rock – big drums,
          screaming guitars with a little twang, powerful vocals and songs that tell stories. I’m also very proud of my work on
          the Emerald Sabbath project – it’s a tribute to Black Sabbath featuring players and singers from the Black Sabbath
          family tree, and I cut lead vocals for three songs – “Hole In The Sky,” “Trashed” and “Die Young” with some amazing
          players like Rudy Sarzo, Vinny Appice, and DC Cothern. We released a killer music video for “Die Young” which
          fans can view on YouTube. And as we begin to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Steeler, FnA Records has released
          “Steeler: Come Hell Or Hollywood.” It’s a collection of recordings from 1981/82 that immortalizes that magical time
          when we migrated from Nashville to Hollywood and carved our niche in that historic cultural
          revolution that was the L.A. 80’s metal scene.There are also
          a few guest appearances, a new DVD/blu-ray in the works,
          lots of stuff as I seem to stay very busy!

          Thank you for taking time for this interview and any last
          words to the fans?
          Ron Keel: Thanks again for the opportunity, always great to
          talk to you. And as always, thanks to the fans who have
          enjoyed this wild ride with me – you’re my people, and I’m
          your frontman. Find all my links at and
          I hope to see you soon!



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