Page 13 - March On! God will Provide by Brother Aubert
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        M     ARCH  ON!  Goo  WILL  PROVIDE  is  a  synopsized  ver­

               sion of a full-length biography of Theodore James
        Ryken that is as yet not ready  for publication.  Getting
        as  far  along  the  road  as  this  synopsized  version,  repre­
        sents  the cumulative  effort of  several Xaverian  Brothers
        who  during  the  past  sixty  years  have  worked  on  the
        project,  seemingly  making  no  progress  but  like  polyps
        contributing themselves  to the atoll that eventually rose
        above the waters.
          Theodore  James  Ryken,  founder  of  the  Xaverian
        Brothers,  died  in 1871,  but  the first  account  of  his  life,
        a  compilation  from  the  "Notes"  of  two  of  his  early
        disciples,  pieced  together  presumably  by  Brother  John
         Chrysostom,  the  then  Superior General,  did  not  appear
         until  I 904.  Another  account,  just  as  tantalizingly  brief
         and  incomplete,  which  was·  found  among  the  papers
         of  Brother  Cajetan  Van  Thournhout,  was  printed  in
           Since  the  effect  of  these  two  biographical  sketches
         was  to arouse  a  thirst  and  then  leave  it  completely  un­
         slaked,  Brother  Isidore,  the  Xaverian  Provincial  in  the
         United States,  1907-1925, decided that he would make a
         beginning  of a  full-length biography.  In  1912  he  wrote
         to  every  Brother  then  living  who  had  known  the
         Founder,  but  when  ,vorld  War  I  broke  out,  he  was
         cut off from access to the Xaverian archives in Belgium.
           There were other complications.  Brother John Chrys­
         ostom, the Superior General, died in 1915.  The over-all
         government of the Congregation fell to his vicar, Brother
         Theophile,  a  Belgian  refugee  stranded  in  England.  As
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