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FOREWORD                   XV

        inary inquiries in the archives of the diocese  of Bruges
        for material on Ryken.
          When Brother Tillo expressed to Brother  Ambrose,
        S.G., the pleasure  he had found in translating  the mono-
        graph,  he was assigned to do all that he could to further
        the Ryken-research in Bruges. At about the same time
        Brother Ambrose  cornmissioned Brother Florent, a
        Hollander,  to investigate into the Ryken activities in
        North Brabant.  He directed both of them to share
        their findings with me. Over the years Brother  Tillo
        and Brother  Florent have been tirelessly persistent in
        their work and they have kept me informed.  They have
        been the ideal co-workers.
          Through  the kindness of  Rev. Michael English,
        Brother Tillo had access to the archives of the diocese
        of Bruges,  and through  Father Marlier, S.J., he obtained
        valuable  Ryken-material from the  Jesuit  archives  in
        Brussels. Brother  Florent rvorked on the Ryken-Beels
        genealogy, obtained  a copy of the Ryken baptismal
        record, and provided biographical details for Rev.
        IVlartin Van Beek, the Founder's very good friend in
        North Brabant. With Brother  Florent I visited his rela-
         tives in 's-Hertogenbosch, North Brabant,  and went on
        pilgrimage  to Elshout,  the village where Ryken was
         born. This was the climax of our years of correspond-
        ence, especially when we pushed back the knee-high
        grass in an efiort to read the names on the headstones
         in the little cemetery to the rear of the Church  of Our
         Lady of Elshout. We failed to find a "Ryken" but we
         were happy in doing a thorough job. Brother Tillo was
         my guide in Bruges  and with him I visited all the places
         in that ancient town associated  with the Founder and
         the first Xaverian  Brothers.
           In l95l Brother  Ambrose, S.G., assigned  me to live
         in Rome so that I  could familiarize  myself with the
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