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XVI                 FOREWORD
       Ryken data available  there. Brother Ambrose was the
       one who had the embarrassing  task of informing  the
       editors of the Encyclopedia of the Missions  that the
       Xaverian Brothers could not provide twenty  lines of
       prime-source material on their Founder.  He would
       never again have to make that admission. In the ar-
       chives were five letter-press volumes  of Ryken corre-
       spondence in his own handwriting  or in that of a sec-
       retary. There were approximately  fifteen  hundred letters
       written  over a span of twenty years. Most of them were
       in Flemish with a smattering in French,  German, and
         During  World War II  Brother Edmond  and Brother
       Rudolph could not get back to their province, Belgium,
       so they lived in Rome with the Columban  Fathers.  At
       the request  of Brother Ambrose, Brother  Edmond busied
       himsef with the Ryken correspondence and when the
       War ended, he had completed one volume.  Since
       Brother Edmond's  aged hands  could no longer guide
       a pen, other members  of the Generalate stafi replaced
       him. Chief among  these scribes were Brother  Anselm
       and Brother Aloysius. When Brother Florent was elected
       a member of the General  Council, he took over as trans-
       lator and finished the task.
         These translators  did the ground work that made
       this biography possible. All Xaverians, present  and fu-
       ture, owe them their gratitude. To them individually
       and collectively I  acknowledge my indebtedness  and
         I  express my thanks to a long list of Brothers in
       Belgium,  England, and the United States who have
       helped in checking possibilities. I  am deeply indebted
       to many reference  librarians  whom I  have found the
       most courteous of mankind. AII of them made me feel
       that I  was honoring  them in allowing  them to be of
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