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XIV                 FOREWORD

        static  copies of several of them as an appendix to his
        master's  thesis at Notre Dame: "Xaverian  Brothers in
        the United states, 1854-1926." On their content  he made
        no comment,
          In 1944, at the request o{ Brother Ambrose,  who had
        become Superior  General in 1937, I elaborated on the
        material used in  Brother Edmund's  conferences  and
        produced a monograph  entitled: "Theodore
        Ryken, Nov. 8, 1837, to  June  l, 1838." In it I provided
        translations  of the testimonial letters, traced Ryken's
        travels in America with day and date, and added brief
        biographical  sketches of the men who wrote the testi-
        monials. In the concluding paragraph,  feeling that I
        had done all that I had been requested  to do, I wrotel
        "I hope that this report may be the beginning  of a full-
        length  biography of our Founder. As his spiritual sons
        we have owed him this debt for too long a time. To
        the material in this report I make no claim of proprie-
        torship. Everybody is welcome  ro make use of it and,
        I hope, to go on from where I have left off. lVhat have
        been blind alleys to me may be broad highways to others.
        If I have conveyed some part of the admiration I have
        gained for Theodore  James  Ryken, I  shall tre more
        than rewarded."
          I  had written "Finis,"  so I  thoughr, to my part in
        the Ryken story, but in reality I had unwittingly nomi-
        nated myself as a potential biographer.  Somehow that
        monograph  on the Ryken  Testimonial  Letters found
        its way to the Xaverian pioneer  mission in the Congo.
        There  Brother Xavier,  the Belgian Provincial,  read it in
        1946 when he was making his first visitation after World
        War II. On his return to Bruges,  he asked Brother Tillo
        to prepare  a Flemish translation,  and possibly with the
        idea of making  a similar contribution  he made prelim-
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