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        A Welcome Message from a Grateful Client

                                On Leap Day this year, we received an unexpected email.
                                “I just wanted to reach out to thank you for your excellent work back in 2010. The documents
                                you unearthed from 1991-2010 as well as tracking down my ex-wife played a pivotal part in
                                my long journey to becoming a U.S. Citizen. I just had the citizenship interview yesterday and I
                                was approved. I could not have got this far without your efforts. It made all the difference.
                                Thanks, James”

                                This was not a case we remembered, and when we looked it up, it was easy. In 2010 James
                                was attending a university in Colorado, and new to the state. He had some minor issues,
        which created a roadblock to his goals, and he was required to show there were no serious misdemeanors, cases of
        moral turpitude, or any felonies. We did not know he was applying for citizenship, only that he needed a comprehensive
        background of himself required by the US State Department. This covered a few states, his years as a minor, other
        investigators, and extensive work. We presented our findings, and that was the last we heard – which is not unusual –
        until this Leap Day message nearly 14 years later. Unknown to us, since his college graduation, he has gone on to
        become an internationally renowned photographer, and will now be a US citizen.

        Featured Article: Applying the ACE-V Standards of Forensic Analysis to Legal Investigations

                                       ACE-V, which stands for Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, and Verification, is a
                                       methodology commonly used in forensic science, particularly in the forensic
                                       laboratory setting for evidence analysis. ACE-V is a systematic approach to examining
                                       and comparing forensic evidence to reach accurate analysis findings. While ACE-V is
                                       primarily associated with forensics, its principles can also be applied to legal
                                       investigations more broadly.

                                                                  (full article continued below)

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