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     RIF Serves Up Ice Cream -
and Smiles!
Lansing Reading is Fundamental (RIF) held a special thank you event – “Ice Cream Social(ize)” – at Allen Market Place on February 22. The event was strictly a “Thank You” to RIF donors, but was also an opportunity for both individual and corporate donors to learn more about RIF. The two hour event featured several “celebrity scoopers” including none other than district superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul, who was more than happy to grab a gallon of chocolate ice cream and dish it out to anybody with a sweet tooth.
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, and Lansing Board of Education Vice President Nino Rodríguez were also in attendance, flanked by student leaders, cheerleaders, band mentors and student guests from Sexton. Attendees were certainly happy to celebrate RIF – along with some delicious MSU dairy ice cream sundaes served with a smile!
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