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  Native American Program
Hosts District-wide Math Night
On February 22 several Lansing School District Native American students and their families attended the Family Fun Math Night hosted by the Native American Program. This is the first program event since Jamie Roy, Specialized Native American Assistant, joined the program last fall.
The evening consisted of fun activities and games for students in grades K – 12. The activities and games selected were intended to encourage parents to become involved and find new ways to make Math fun! Games for K – 3 students included ‘Let’s Make a Pizza’ in which students drew a card with a pizza order that consisted of fractions. Grades 4 – 6 enjoyed the ‘Money Riddle’ station where they had to read several clues to find out the denominations of coins used to make the total amount. Grades 7 – 12 students enjoyed the life-learning activity on how to ‘Calculate a Car Payment.’
The most popular station seemed to be the Measuring Concepts table. At this station, students focused on the “concept” of measuring versus focusing on the units of measure. Students and their families measured a list of everyday items with bingo chips, paper clips and craft sticks.
There was an abundance of community support, as local Elders were primarily recruited to volunteer and lead the activity stations. “Elders are revered in the Native community and their relationship to our Youth is vital to our way of life. Elders hold the knowledge and wisdom; they pass on our teachings and language and they want to spend time with the youth.” (Jamie Roy) Additional support was given by community members and LSD staff.
This is the first of many events to come to the Native American Program. Looking ahead, Ms. Roy intends to organize more events that will focus on family, making education fun, community involvement and incorporating the culture. Next up! Family Fun Reading Night to be held in April.
The Native American Program office is located at the Lansing School District Welcome Center and Jamie Roy can be contacted at (517) 755-4980 or at jamie.
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