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                                                               Made in QC

                                                               Guided with a unified objective to support
                                                               MSMEs, the City forged partnerships with
                                                               various malls to provide free venues for QC’s
                                                               MSMEs and help them reach more customers.
                                                               The city has created a brand in itself,
                                                               establishing a distinctive identity in the
                                                               marketplace that represents local artisanry
                                                               that are proudly products of Quezon City.

                                                                    181 enterprises featured in five (5) Made in
                                                                    QC publications
                                                                    11 caravans conducted within and outside
                                                                    Quezon City
                                                                    Five (5) different types of workshops which
                                                                    catered to a total of 132 beneficiaries

                                                                Person-in-charge: Ms. Maria Teresa Tirona

                                                               Micro Finance

                                                               Program for MSECs

                                                               (Micro/Small Business
                                                               Enterprises and Cooperatives)

                                                               Access to finance programs through partners
        Proudly Original Product                               and platforms which engage community-
                                                               based enterprises. Open for partnerships with
        of Quezon City (POP QC)                                corporations in the finance sector.

        POP QC showcases the artistry and innovation                Targets to assist/link 800 QC MSECs
        of City-honed, world-class products through                 (average 24,000 individual beneficiaries)
        trade shows, bazaars, and exhibits, providing a             to micro finance institutions or
        local market-access platform for MSEs and                   collective/informal cooperative finance
        Cooperatives in Quezon City. This serves as the             programs within six (6) years
        official branding of QC-based products.
        Investors and collaborators can select products
        with great potential for export or for distribution
        on various channels across the Philippines.

             Catered to a total of 40
             9 total products discovered
             Target to discover, develop and
             promote at least 100 locally-made

        Person-in-charge: Ms. Mona Celine Yap                  Person-in-charge: Ms. Mona Celine Yap
        Email:                        Email:

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