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                                                              Proof of Excellence

                                                              Stevies 2021

                                                              Most Competitive City - Highly Urbanized Cities
                                                              Category of the Cities and Municipalities
                                                              Competitiveness Index of the DTI

                                                              Stevie Gold Winner, Gold Award for Innovation
                                                              in Government Publications
                                                                  Made in QC Vol. 3,
                                                                     The Emerging Essentials

      QC Fresh Market

      The project has been supporting rural and
      urban farmers’ livelihoods by providing regular
      opportunities to sell their fresh farm produce,
      goods, and products directly to consumers,
      promoting the farm-to-consumer model and              Pangkabuhayang QC
      ensuring sellers maximize their profits.              Pangkabuhayang QC is a livelihood training and
                                                            financial assistance program for QCitizens who
      The Market is open to becoming suppliers of           have lost their jobs during the pandemic. It
      raw ingredients for investors in the food             envisions a more vibrant Quezon City with Micro
      industry. QC Fresh Market can also be                 and Small Business Enterprises and
      explored to be hosted in other venues, such as        Cooperatives (MSECs) as its main economic
      malls and other high foot traffic locations.          driver.

         37 total beneficiaries (no. of current                 31,393 total beneficiaries as of September
         farmers/sellers)                                       27, 2022
         ₱5,050,723 total sales generated (2021-                ₱327,955,000 total financial assistance
         2022)                                                  provided
         Target to cater to 200 more farmers and                Target to cater to 100,000 beneficiaries by
         sellers in 2025                                        2025

                                                            Person-in-charge: Ms. Mona Celine Yap
      Person-in-charge: Ms. Mona Celine Yap                 Email:

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