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                               Top-tier Cultura

                               Learning Facilit

                                                                Sports Facilities and

         Teresa Heights Civic &                                 Programs

         Community Center                                       This project aims to build sports facilities and to
                                                                develop elite sports programs in Quezon City

         Developing the Teresa Heights property into            that adhere to global standards. It envisions to
         District 5’s civic center with facilities for health   make Quezon City the haven for sports in the
         and sports, all of which open to a vast area of        country, where the city’s youth can be nurtured
         green space that can be used by the public for         and developed to represent not only the city, but
         leisure and recreation, contributing to the            also the country in various competitions here
         much-needed green areas of the City.                   and abroad. Being the haven for sports, we also
                                                                aim to host world-class sporting events and
             Approx. 2.5 hectares of total lot area             competitions in the city.
             65% open parks & outdoor sports facilities
             35% mixed-use development consisting of a
             mega health center/police station; barangay
             hall & action center; and indoor
             sports/parking building with commercial &
             fire station

         Person-in-charge: Ar. Lucille H. Chua

                                                                Person-in-charge: Mr. Benjo Afuang

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