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  becoming                                                       Vision:


                                                            for All

                                                             This program envisions an empowered, self-
                                                             reliant, productive and socially-transformed
                                                             community with improved quality of life provided
                                                             by security of tenure through the City’s
                                                             Socialized Housing Program.

                                                                 4,561 total housing units constructed
                                                                 4,402 total housing units awarded and a total
      Spectroscopy                                               of 46 transition housing units occupied

      Testing Laboratory                                         catering to 4,448 families
                                                                 14,953 families have been given security of
      QCU aims to strengthen its scientific                      land tenure over the past three (3) years.
      research capability using the most                         Target to develop and provide 1,229 more
      sophisticated equipment for analytical                     houses to cater to 1,342 more families
      instrumentation. This testing laboratory shall
      respond more fully to scientific,
      environmental, and economic challenges in
      Quezon City. Initiated also in anticipation of
      interdisciplinary research collaborations with
      industries, research and government
      agencies, and other schools and universities.

          Existing: Engineering Courses and
          Laboratories; Chemistry and Physics              Proof of Excellence
          Proposal: Aims to provide chemical                Assessment of LGU's Compliance with Manila Bay
          analysis services needed by industry,             Cleanup Rehabilitation and Preservation Program
          government, and educational institutions              Top Performer under the Informal Settlers
          Target: Infrared and Fluorescence
          Spectrometer Flame Atomic Absorption                  Families Cluster from 2019 to 2021
          and Ultraviolet-Visible

      Person-in-charge: Dr. Theresita V. Atienza, DEM
                                                             Persons-in-charge: Mr. Ramon T. Asprer;
                                                             Atty. Joselito V. Conejero
                                                             Email:                    Page  7
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