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 al and                                                         Quezon City

 ties                                                           Children's Museum

                                                                To further enrich children's social, emotional,
                                                                and cognitive development and ensure that
                                                                they grow up to be holistic individuals, Quezon
                                                                City plans to establish a children's museum
                                                                with a hands-on interactive approach to
        QC Science and                                          education and exhibition. With facilities that
        Discovery Center                                        are child-centred, developmentally
                                                                appropriate, and play-based, the museum
                                                                shall provide its visitors with integrated learning
                                                                experiences that will promote empowerment
                                                                and self-expression among the youth.

        Quezon City is set to redesign and develop QC
        Science and Discovery Center: Shaping
        Technology Across Rediscovering Science
        (STARS) into a first-ever state-of-the-art               For visualization only
        science discovery center at the heart of
        Quezon City. This facility shall be the largest
        Science and Discovery Center for
        digitalization, innovation and interaction – a
        city attraction that shall bring families and
        students together.

            To cater to 158 public schools and over
            450,000 public school students
            Accessible to neighboring cities in the
            Envisions to be a world-class science and
            discovery center
                                                               For visualization only

        Persons-in-charge:  Dr. Jenilyn Rose B. Corpuz,         Person-in-charge: Ms. Maria Teresa Tirona
        CESO VI; Ms. Maricris F. Veloso                         Email:
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