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                                                                QC Capability

                                                                Building Program for


                                                                This program is designed to facilitate the
                                                                development of cooperatives in QC with the end
                                                                goal of enabling members to take active roles in
                                                                shaping their own financial future. It envisions
                                                                facilitating the establishment of twelve (12)
                                                                different QC-based livelihood groups that are
                                                                economically viable and self-sustaining primary

                                                                    Two (2) cooperatives established since
                                                                    Target to establish at least 10 more within
                                                                    six (6) years
                                                                    Areas for investments include:
                                                                        Mentorship and capability building to
                                                                        newly-established cooperatives as part
                                                                        of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
                                                                        programs of investors and collaborators
                                                                        Enhanced cooperation between
                                                                        companies and cooperatives that have
         QC Essentials                                                  complementary products and services

         Involves developing and accelerating the                       offering
         growth of MSEs by providing necessary                          Friendlier payment terms for
         assistance, which includes giving out                          cooperatives interested in borrowing
         business starter kit/materials, access to                      funds to augment their capital
         various business services, information on                      Infusion of resources for product
         networking connections, training, coaching                     development of cooperatives through
         and mentoring.                                                 grants and donations

                                                                Person-in-charge: Ms. Mona Celine Yap
            A total of 6,000 beneficiaries were                 Email:
            given starter kits
            Five (5) existing starter kit types:
                Pillows and Beadwork Starter Set -
                1,000 pcs.
                Alcologne (alcohol-based product)
                Starter Set - 2,000 pcs.
                Anti-Bac Dishwashing Liquid
                Starter Set - 1,000 pcs.
                Hand Soap Starter Set - 1,000 pcs.
                Hand Sanitizer Starter Set - 1,000

         Person-in-charge: Ms. Mona Celine Yap

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