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                                QCU journey to

                                a top university

                                                              QCU Smart Campus

                                                              (Online Education System)

                                                              The project aims to upgrade the existing ICT
                                                              infrastructure of Quezon City University and
                                                              to increase its bandwidth to achieve full and
                                                              faster internet connection in all the buildings
                                                              and campuses. It will establish a Learning
                                                              Management System (LMS), Campus Area
        QCU Campuses                                          Network (CAN), Students’ Information System
                                                              (SIS) that will support faculty members and
                                                              students in the conduct of more effective
        QCU envisions to be the No. 1 Local University
        of Employable Graduates. Hence, this project          blended learning post-pandemic.
        aims to modernize and upgrade QCUs’
        existing facilities and expand state-of-the-art            Existing: Entry-level internet
        campus development programs to all the                     connection; In-house developed
        districts of Quezon City.                                  systems; IT & Engineering Courses
                                                                   Proposal: Cloud-based LMS; Smart
              Existing capacity: 20,200 students;                  Classrooms; Smart Facility Services;
               3 campuses; 86 classrooms; 15 tech-                 Security & Safety
              ready labs                                           Target: Center for Development of
              Proposal: 74,520 students; 6                         Smart Application & Technology; Hi-
              campuses; 2.2 ha. lot; 2-3 classroom                 speed Fiber internet connection
              buildings; 1 tech-ready lab; 1 multi-
              purpose hall; 1 gym
              Target: 94,720 students; 6 campuses;
              480 Classrooms; 112 tech-ready labs

        Person-in-charge: Dr. Theresita V. Atienza, DEM

         Proof of Excellence

            CHED Institutional Recognition
            CHED COPC for BSIE & BSEE
            ALCUCOA Accreditation Candidate                   Persons-in-charge: Dr. Theresita V. Atienza, DEM;
            CHED GP for Bachelor of Early                      Ms. Susan Baetiong; Ms. Maricris F. Veloso
            Childhood  Education                              Emails:;
            CHED GP BSMA                            ;;
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