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   CAMUS ITT Centre Kneller Hall
Military Music
Society AGM 2019
In February, I was invited by Mr Jim Davies, (IMMS Secretary), to perform a recital and hold an open forum interview for the IMMS (UK) at their Annual General Meeting. This was held in the Museum at The Royal Military School of Music, (Kneller Hall), on the 2nd March 2019. This gave me and my accom- panist, (Major (Retd) Roger Swift), only 3 weeks to prepare and perform at the AGM.
I was kindly invited by Major Swift to his house a week before the performance to have our first run through. This went very well, especially as the piano accompaniment was extremely difficult, and unfortunately, he literally had to sight read it there and then! I am very grateful for his time and musical knowledge to achieve such a successful rehearsal.
On the day of the AGM, we met again for another run through ‘in situ’, giving us chance to test out the acoustics. This was also a very productive rehearsal, and some of the early arrivals had the opportunity to sit through our deliberations.
I was invited to attend their meeting, where many things ranging from new elections within the Society, to arranging some very high profile visits and events throughout the coming year were discussed.
After the meeting, I was introduced as ‘Guest Speaker’ and performer. This started with me and Jim Davies, (the new elected Chairman), sitting in front of the audience having a ‘Parkinson’ type interview. This was based on my musical upbringing from childhood, all the way through my Military career, up to and including present time. Mr Davies already had some questions prepared, as he was the band Secretary at my first brass band in Addlestone when I was 10! After a few questions, I was invited to perform my first piece; this was The Euphonium Rhapsody by James Curnow.
My 2nd piece was the 3rd movement of the John Golland Euphonium Concerto No.1, unaccom- panied. Then, after another Q and A session, I moved onto my final piece, Rusalka’s Song to the Moon by Dvorak.
Some more discussions and questions finalised my 30-45 minute presentation, and after a historical story and presentation from Major Swift, the meeting came to an end.
It was an honour to have the opportunity to speak and perform for this event, for which I am most grateful. I would also like to pass on my thanks, once again, to the IMMS for their kind invitation, and to Major Swift for his fine accompaniment and vast musical experience, which made my performance so much easier!
Sjt Allen, Author and Guest Speaker/Recital
  Sjt Allen and Major (Retd) Roger Swift accepting their applause after the performance
     “Let The Music Play On!”
My name is Ray Arthur Slinn, originally from Fareham in Hampshire. In my mid-teens I enlisted at Winchester to join what was then The Green Jackets Brigade. I was allotted to the 43rd/52nd The First Battalion where the training camp was at Bushmill, just outside Winchester.
In my intake there was lad, by the name of Graham Barker, who came from Bournemouth, my last four army numbers were 7945 and Graham’s 7946, so we were friends right through training and later in the first Battalion Band. Graham was a Euphonium player and I was on Clarinet.
Time moved on to 1982, where I was now a civilian and Graham had obtained the rank of WO2 and was part of the Concert Band that was to play at Regent’s Park. As they were playing to a seated audience, a bomb, planted by the IRA exploded under the Bandstand killing seven Bandsman and injuring many others. I made a glass engraved plaque which also contained a poem written by my wife Babs, called ‘Let the Music Play On’. I presented this plaque, to the then Bandmaster Dave Little to be kept with the Band. Over time the plaque had been lost and two years ago I was fortunate enough to meet up with The Band and Bugles of The Rifles at the Buxton Tattoo. Having made up a new plaque to commemorate the Regent’s Park tragedy, I was able to present it personally to The Director of Music, Major Jason Griffiths. I am pleased to say that the plaque now hangs proudly in the practice room of The Band and Bugles of The Rifles, Sir John Moore Barracks, Winchester.
Ray Arthur Slinn

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