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Index                                           Edit orial:          Celebrat ing our First  Year of

                                                                           by  Cherie A. Beatty

           President 's Corner, p. 4          Alert : This is

         Coronat ion Lunch, p. 6 & 7         NOT Winst on.
       Relaxing at   Sport sman's,  p. 8

         Meet  t he MGA Guru,   p.14

          March's Cold Coffee, p. 18
                                                                                                         istock image
                                                 In 2022,  our  new president, now a one year veteran, decided to take a
          John Dodd's Beast  , p. 20
                                                 chance  on  letting  a  new  club  member  have   a    go  at   producing  a
     Searching  for St at ely Cars,  p. 26       monthly  publication  called  MOTORING.   The  first  issue  popped  up  on
                                                 April   1,  the  Fool's  Day.   Would  it  or  would  it  not   be  a  fool's  errand?
       The Plast ic Pig is a Robin, p. 28        Would NBCC members take to  a digital monthly  having gotten along very
                                                 nicely  for  years  with  e-mail  notifications  about  club  happenings  and   a
            About  t he Bunny, p.34
                                                 website for classified  ads and the  posting of pictures of events? Would
             Whacky News , p.58                  they find Winston and win prizes?  The decision was  'let's give it a year's
                                                 trial  and find out.'
              Fixit  Corner,  p.35
                                                 Blow out that candle! The verdict is in-- MOTORING is back for year two.
           Down Range Event s, p.44              It will   continue to grow, thanks to great stories from our members and
                                                 photographs  that  come  in  from  a  variety  of  contributors.   Our
                Peels P 50, p.53
                                                 homegrown stories  are always    joined by  what's  going on  in the  larger
      Cars and Carbon Foot print  p. 54          world of motorsports,   bringing you the best of aggregate reporting on
                                                 the subject.   Our second year begins  in a more relaxed frame of mind,
            VIVA! Fernando, p. 60                however,  now   that  we know that there's  an audience for  MOTORING.
                Track Rat s, p.64                This   issue  is filled with a trifecta of  foolishness, as befits the month. Do
                                                 you know what British car was  called The Plastic Pig,  while another was
                In Part ing, p.74
                                                 world  famous  as  The  Beast,   and  a  third  was  the  world's  smallest  car?
                                                 We'll show them to  you.   On the less quirky side, we have a   list of places
                                                 to go and things to see through June.  We also  have March   photos from
                                                 the  first official [and frigid]   Cars & Coffee of the 2023 driving season at
                                                 its new location in Franklin plus    snaps  from the  impressive turnout for
                                                 the Sportsman's Grille club dinner hosted by the  JD Damons. and a report
               Where's Winst on?
                                                 from  a  surprise  addition  to  the  March  calendar,  a  visit  from    the  MGA
     Congratulations  Jo  Shaw,  our  March      Guru. ( and how 'bout that Easter bunny?)
     issue  winner.  Winston was hiding in       Read about how you can do something good for the planet with Hagerty's
     the  back  window  of  an  SUV  being       Carbon Offset program for classic cars, a nice tie -in with national  Arbor
     passed   by  Jm   Moran's  Triumph  on      Day that takes place this month.  Then, consider if you'd like to make a
     Drive Your Triumph  day.                    multi -day trip to the Savoy Automobile Museum in Cartersville, Georgia,
                                                 to view the British Invasion exhibit. Our president is taking names of those
     Find Winston, this month,    (hiding in
                                                 interested, just as I am  taking RSVPs for the  King's Coronation Big Lunch
     much  smaller  form)   in  our  pages.      to take place on May 6th.
     Then,  send  your  name  and  his
                                                 Don't  overlook  out  videos.  There  are  some  great  ones  in  this  issue,
     location     by     page      #      to
                                                 including  a  tribute  to  John  Dodd.  We're  not  foolin'  around.  While  it's
                                                 going to be a great year for the NBCC,    the best part is that there will be
     If you're t he  first  finder,  you'll win t he   plenty  of activities and we'll report on them all.   ( Note to self: I should
      wort hwhile  prize --but  you can't  win if   have run a survey about whether members preferred Cadbury Eggs or  all
                 you don't  ent er.              -American Peeps in their Easter baskets.  Maybe next year. ) Cherie
          Cont est s are funny t hat  way.
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