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Passover begins on
                     April 5th, Easter  is             Have Something You'd like member s to
                           April 9th,
                     Tax Day gets   extra
                       time  to file, as it
                      falls on a Saturday            Post it in MOTORING. Contact  editor  at
                     this year;  Eid al-Fitr
                     begins at sundown               twasbr Deadline 28th of
                      April 21, & April 22
                         Is Earth Day.               each month.

 We're Growing
                                                                                      N ot ice  3
 Welcome New                                               N ot ice  2
 Members                N ot ice  1               Check Out  Excit ing           It 's  t ime  t o  renew
                                                  Coming Event s  in a               your  N B CC
 Kennet h Knight       Looking  for
                                                    special sect ion.            membership.  B eat
 1966 MGB Roadster,   St at ely  B rit ish                                            t he  rush.
 1967 MGB-GT, 2004   Cars,  see  page
 Mini CooperS, 2016
 Bentley Continental
 John & Susan
 1985 Rolls Royce
 Silver Spur,                                                                            Image istock by Tatiana Lazunova
 Centenary edition
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                                                                            An Irish Story
                                            Editor's Note: Member St uart  Naylor 's  MGC was t he correct  color

                                            for our   St . Pat rick's  Day cars of  March,  and  his  memory of
                                            performing  in Belfast   during t he Time of t he Troubles  is

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