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Come    t o  t he  Lodge

                       Spor t sman's  Gr il l e,  mAr ch  12t h,  2023

                         Cl ub  Dinner   Has    62  in  At t endance

         Hosts the JD Damons know how to pick  a
                     place to have dinner.

        On  what  was  a  gray,  blustery  evening,  after
        several days of earlier spring-like   weather with
        temperatures  that  actually  reached  the  70s  in
        March,   tricking  middle  Tennesseans  into
        believing  that  winter  was  over,   the  smell  of  a

        roaring wood fire in the main dining room of the
        Sportsman's Grille in Brentwood combined with
        the  ambiance  of  a  hunting  lodge  in  the   Pacific
        Northwest  or  a  national  park  lodge  from  the
        1920s,    oozed    welcome.      The    Lodge    in
        Brentwood  was  a  perfect  setting   for   NBCC's
        members, many of whom   arrived  in sweaters,
        caps, and mufflers, pressed back into duty, again.
        Daylight  savings  time  might  have  arrived,  but
        consistent   spring was   still on the shelf.
                                                                  Charm  in  abundance  makes  guest   feel  as  if
        The  generous  parking  lot  of  the  Grille   further
                                                                  they've   stepped  back  in  time  when  decorating
        reflected that the weather on the 16th of March
                                                                  with antlers and stuffed heads  was  key to cozy.
        was not what it had been a few days earlier.  You
        didn't  see  any  LBC's   with  their   tops  down;
        instead  it  was  time  for  the  GT  MGs,  the  MGBs
        with  tops  up,   a  Mini,   Land  Rovers,    a    classic
        Rolls  Royce,  several  Jaguar  saloon  cars,   and  an
        Aston  Martin  coupe  that      told  other  Sunday
        dinner  goers  that  the  NBCC  was  in  the  house.
        (Editor's note: If I missed anyone's LBC  car, it's likely
        because it was hidden by the huge trucks and SUVS
        that filled most of the parking lot. My apologies. )

        Sixty-two of our members signed up for dinner.
        This meant that the group filled the private party
        room  and  spilled  over  into   the  side  section  of
        the dining room.
                                                                Catfish with all the trimmings is a signature dish at
                                        Continues page 10       Sportsman's and comes in generous portions.
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