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Did  you  know   That     t he  f eel ing  You  Get
                                                            f r om      Spor t sman's  Gr il l e  comes  not
                                                              f r om      Decor ,  It 's  Act ual l y  Real ?

                                                         The  owners  of  the  Sportsman's  Lodge  ,  the  Chandler
                                                         Family,  traveled  extensively  throughout  the  Pacific
                                                         Northwest of the United States  and the Canadian Rocky
                                                         Mountain regions.  When they built their  restaurant, they
                                                         decided to share that beauty with  the people who would
                                                         come to eat.

                                                         The  logs  used  in  the  construction  are  Engleman  Spruce
                                                         from  northwest  Montana.   Spruce  grows  at  higher
                                                         elevations; these trees were harvested from dead timber
                                                         that had been damaged by fires.  The log walls are 12" in
                                                         diameter and are approximately 75 years old.  Over in the
                                                         bar area, the three main timbers are over 24" in diamater
                                                         and  are  well  over  200  years  old.   The  logs  were
                                                         handpeeled  and   handcrafted   together  to  form  the
                                                         The  building  hopes  to  capture  the  spirit  of  the  Rocky
                                                         Mountain  National Park Lodges built in the early 1900s.
                                                         Four  of  these  old  lodges  still  stand  in  Glacier  Park,

                                                         The  two  large  antique  antler  chandaliers  in  the  main
                                                         dining  rooms  won  the  Blue  Ribbon   in  the  lighting
                                                         exposition  at  the  1890  St.  Louis  World  Fair.   The   other
                                                         chandaliers in the room were designed and built in Grand
                                                         Junction , Colorado. The other light fixtures in the building
                                                         are reproductions from the 1920s.

                                                         Old Hickory Furniture Company, the same company that
                                                         supplied the western lodges in the National Parks back in
                                                         1920s,  supplied  the  furniture  for  the  Sportsmn's  Grille.
                                                         You  can  see  Old  Hickory  furniture  at   the  Old   Faithful
                                                         Lodge in Yellowstone National Park,  Wyoming, as well as
                                                         in the lodges of Glacier National Park in Montana and  at
                                                         the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks.
                                                         Woodcarver  Ralph  Springfield   hand  crafted  the  fish
                                                         carvings  seen  in  the  boxes  throughout  the  building.   He
                                                         spends  as  much  as  100  hours  on  each  fish  doing  the
                                                         carving, then he handpaints the fish. He also handcrafts
                                                         the boxes that contain not only his fish but also include
                                                         antique  lures  and  fishing  memorabilia.   Photos  by  John
                                                         Bader  complete  the  picture  and  make  a  meal  at
                                                         Sportsman's a  vacation  in itself.
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