Page 12 - April 2023
P. 12

The empty plate club was in session. All agreed that the

                                                              menu had something for everyone.  If you left hungry,
                                                              it's because you were fasting for Lent.  Not only  was the
                                                              selection varied, the prices were reasonable and the
                                                              servings more than generous.  Fish and chips were a
                                                              popular choice, while  steaks and old-fashioned meat

                                                              loaf and burgers  were also served up to the group.
                                                              Tip: Save room for the New York cheesecake  on your
                                                              next visit. Divine.

        Right:  Five Forks Review for the Sportsman's Grille,
        said  Stu  Kellerman  (far  right)  about  his  steak

        prepared  "just  the  way  I  like  it".   Since  joining  the
        NBCC Stu and Kaila have  purchased a 2008  Jaguar
        XK8  drophead  and  are  now   waiting,  somewhat

        impatiently  ,   for  sustained   top  down  weather.
        They shared a table with  Russ and Linda Dickinson,
        proud owners of a  classy,  vintage  MG.

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