Page 7 - April 2023
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The NBCC's  Coronation B ig Lunch &

                                      Spring Cleaning  Car  Contest

             all following the  May  NBCC  Official Club Drive (come to the Lunch even if you don't go
                                                      on the drive).

              Bring your picnic lunch and  celebrat e t he crowning  of  King Charles III and
                                               Queen Consort   Camilla
                                                                                           This is NOT

                             -   May 6t h, from 1130 t o whenever                             Winst on
                             -   Beverages , desserts, Coronation favors supplied
                             -   Vot e for  your favorit e car for  t he King ( all Brit ish cars) and Queen (
                                 cars of all ot her marques and count ries) of Mot ors   Awards
                             -   A few other surprises
                             -   Rain or Shine Event-- outside if nice and inside if it isn't because the
                                 SHOW will go on in London and also in Tennessee
                             -   RSVPs required t o t  NLT  May 1st
                             -   Snug Harbor Farm, 159 Hopkins Bridge Road,
                             -    Unionville, TN 37180

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