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Club Leadership 2022-2023

               Please Take Note of the Following


        Articles  submitted  for  publication   must  be  WORD               President- Todd Fontechia,
        documents.  If  you  do  not  have  access  to   WORD,  please
        submit your article within the body of an email.
        Images  (what   used  to  be  called   photos)  should  be
        high-res,  300  dpi,  jpeg  files.  Please  submit  them  as
        individual  attachments  to   email.  Include  appropriate
        caption information.
        I mages,  unless  identified  with  the  name  of  the    Vice-President & Car Show Chair, Paul Rowney
        photographer  via  a  photo  credit,  are  inserted  either  by                         Treasurer- JD Damon
        common  license,  are  in  the  public  domain,  or  are   used
        under  the  Fair  Use  Doctrine  with  no  intention  of
        violating copyright protections.
                                                                              Secretary-Dave Bishop
        Some articles in the magazine are the product of aggregate
        news  stories  and  research.  All  articles  are  subject  to            Officers at Large
        Opinion pieces are published as the opinion of the author
        alone.  Nashville British Car Club assumes no liability for
        any  of  the  material  found  within  the  pages  of
        MOTORI NG.
                                                                                  Len Melanson
        Please  submit  stories,  images,   and  story  ideas   to  the
        editor at
                                                                                                   Paul Sanguinet t i
        MOTORI NG is an online, digital publication, produced as  Chip Hanback
        a benefit, without cost,  to  club members.
        It has a publication date of the first day of each month and
        is  available  through  a  link  at  the  recently   redesigned
        NBCC website, where pictures of members' cars may also
        be submitted  for inclusion on the club's official website.
                                                             Ken Springer                       Barry Whitehead

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