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Freshman’s Perspective
         P A G E   1 0
                        By Daniel Sigelman

                       It was the first of Septem-    with  MAY.  Rabbi  Yaffe’s       tries to make sure that all
                      ber.  I  went  into  the        warmth  and  care  for  the      the freshmen feel like they
                      minivan  that  I  hoped  was    freshman is amazing from         belong  in  MAY’s  environ-
                      the Brooklyn van that was       what I heard in the orien-       ment. In the first couple of
                      going  to  MAY.  I  wasn’t      tation.                          days,  he  came  over  indi-
                      even  sure  if  I  went  in  the                                 vidually to me and others
                      right  van,  but  the  driver    I had my first high school      and spoke to us. That way
                      looked  too  intimidating  to   level  Gemara  shiur.  My        we can really speak to him
                      ask.  I  was  super  relieved   Rebbe,  Rabbi  Schulman,         and ask him whatever we

                      when I saw another fresh-       introduced  himself  and         need to know.
                      man  board.  During  the        told us the rules and pro-
                      ride, it was very awkward,      cedures.  His  way  of  run-     Due  to  Covid-19,  the
                      but  we  eventually  got  to    ning the class is not what       freshmen  never  had  any
                      know  one  another.  We         I'm  used  to.  He  explains     way to interact with each
                      continued  on  to  other        the Gemara with the clari-       other  before  the  school
                      stops,  and  more  kids         ty and presentation that I       year  started.  Although
                      boarded. Once all the kids      have  never  experienced         Covid-19     made      things
                      were in the van, we started     from  any  other  Rebbe  I       hard,  MAY  has  done  a
                      talking  with  each  other.     have ever had! I see that        great  job  and  I  feel  con-
                      That’s  when  we  realized      his  personal  connection        nected  to  my  classmates.
                      that only freshmen were in      with  each  and  every  stu-     The yeshiva took us on an
                      this  van.  All  the  freshmen   dent,  and  his  encourage-     outing which really helped
                      were just like me going to      ment  to  see  us  learn         us  with  starting  new
                      MAY for the first time.         better,  has  had  a  pro-       friendships.
                                                      found  influence  on  me.
                      When we came to MAY, I          He  is  instilling  in  us  the   MAY’s staff is easy to talk
                      saw  that  davening  had        fundamental          building    to  and  they  always  make
                      already  started.  I  looked    blocks  to  grow  in  our        you feel welcome. MAY is
                      around      not     knowing     learning.  My  Rebbe  re-        the  best  school  I’ve  ever
                      where  I  was  supposed  to     spects each and every one        been  to.  So  far,  it’s  been
                      be  sitting.  I  just  plopped   of us in a way I have never     an  amazing  experience.
                      into  the  first  available     seen, and we do our best         I’m  looking  forward  to
                      seat I saw. After davening,     to  return  the  favor  with     learning new things and I
                      Rabbi  Yaffe  gave  us  the     our respect.                     can’t wait to have a great

                      freshmen        orientation.                                     time,  hopefully  without
                      After the orientation, I felt    Rabbi  Horowitz  is  the        Covid-19,  for  the  next  4
                      like I was more connected       Mashgiach  Ruchani  and          years.

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