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                       NBA Post-Final Roundup

                        By Efraim Nebatian

                       The  Los  Angeles  Lakers  are  feat  that  much  tougher.  On  more  about  LeBron  than  But-
                       your 2020 NBA champions. As  the  other  side,  you  have  to  ler,  but  its  still  an  impressive
                       a long time Laker fan, I’d like  give credit where credit is due  accomplishment.  I  have  to
                       to  welcome  all  the  Warrior  and  man  is  credit  due,  the  hand it to the Heat for winning
                       fans  to  the  conversation.  It’s  Heat refused to even bend let  any  games  at  all  with  Tyler
                       going to sting a bit, but I know  alone break. Making it to the  Herro being the leading scorer
                       you’ll get through it.         finals  as  the  5th  seed  almost  behind Jimmy Butler. The Heat
                       The  NBA  bubble  brought  a  sweeping  the  number  1  seed  fought hard, but at the end of
                       crazy season from start to fin- bucks and blowing the rest of  the day, the Lakers got it done
                       ish.  It  was  a   battle  through- the competition as well. Onto  in  6.  It  was  a  weird  sea-
                       out,  and  my  Lakers  soared  the  finals,  Jimmy  Butler  be- son   from  start  to  finish  and
                       through  the  playoffs  giving  came  the  1st  player  to  ever  shout  out  to  the  champion
                       enough hope to each team for  out-score,  out-rebound,  and  Lakers, they did it for Kobe and
                       them  to  feel  like  they  had  a  out-assist  LeBron  in  a  finals  they'll  be  back  next  year.  You
                       shot, making each team's de- game.  That  stat  might  say  can quote me on that.

                       Exclusive Restaurant Review

                        By Yonah Yarmush

                       Cho-sen  Island  is  a  must  stop   available.                tions  they  give  out,  which  are
                       for  lunch;  their  classic  student                           massive.  For  the  chicken  op-
                       deals  are  too  good  to  pass  up.   •  Call ahead in order to get   tions,  I  would  recommend  the
                       Cho-sen  is  an  easy  option  for   your food faster.         chicken  with  broccoli,  lemon
                       both lunch and dinner with the                                 chicken,  and  chicken  with  cash-
                       family. As the only Chinese res-  •  Don’t finish everything at   ew  nuts.  For  a  Chinese  restau-
                       taurant  within  the  lunch  bor-   once because it's just not   rant,  they  have  appetizers,
                       ders,  Cho-sen  is  close,  conven-  worth it.                 soups,  chief  specialties,  includ-
                       ient  and  easy.  The  standard                                ing   the  house  special  lamb  &
                       lunch special, beef or chicken lo  Cho-sen  is  also  a  very  good   Peking duck, 14 different chicken
                       -mein with rice and chips on the   for  dining  with  your  family.   options,  11  beef  options,  and  6
                       side  is  by  far  one  of  the  top   Cho-sen’s  sushi,  while  the   veal  options,  including  the  dou-
                       MAY favorites. At a price of just   pieces  are  small,  is  some  of   ble  delight.  The  list  goes  on  as
                       seven  dollars,  there  is  enough   the  freshest  and  tastiest  su-  they  also  offer  grilled  options,
                       food for nearly two meals! Fac-  shi I have ever had. Five stars   salads,  fish,  an  entire  Japanese
                       toring  in  proximity,  conven-  to the sushi with notable rolls   menu, a kids menu, and teriyaki
                       ience, taste, speed of order, and   including  the  dragon  roll  as   trees including the rib steak teri-
                       price, I would give the Cho-sen   well  as  the  rainbow  roll.   yaki. And of course, don’t forget
                       Island Lunch Menu four stars.    While food is very good  and   the sushi, which offers a variety
                       Some pro tips for Cho-sen:      they   have    high   quality   of sashimi, cooked, special, veg-
                       •  Don’t  bother  with  anything   waiting,  the  best  part  about   etables,  traditional,  and  around
                          else  on  the  lunch  menu  as   the  dining,  similar  to  the   the world rolls.
                          you won’t get the best deal   lunch  special,  are  the  por-

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