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                                 Name: Noach Moskowitz; 9th grade
                                   My Quarantine Experiences: “After a long day of online learning, I made
                                            sure to get some fresh air outside by playing basketball and watching
                                            my little sister. Most of all, I was able to spend some more quality
                                           time with my family. Quarantine also made me realize that I have to
                                           appreciate the simple things that we often take for granted.”

                                          Name: Yehuda Rahmanim; 9th grade

                                           My Quarantine Experiences: “One of the best advantages to
                                           quarantine was the ability to make my own gourmet breakfast.
                                            One of the breakfasts was an egg sandwich with a strawberry
                                             banana smoothie. Another breakfast was a yogurt and granola
                                             with a caramel coffee.”

                                     Name:  Menachem (Mooch) Solomon; 10th grade

                                              My  Quarantine  Experiences:  Quarantine  was  very  relaxing.  A
                                             typical day would start with wakeup at 9:00. After davening, I would
                                             eat a delicious breakfast before running to a “psycho” shiur from Rabbi
                                            Schulman. In between Limudei Kodesh and secular studies, I was able to
                                           utilize the break to pursue hobbies such as cooking and planting in my

                                           Name: Eli Toiv; 11th grade
                                            My Quarantine Experiences: Because of all the extra time I had
                                            during quarantine, I was able to accomplish a lot of things I had wanted to
                                             do before but never had enough time for. One of the things I was finally
                                             able to start was a steady workout routine. Because of the extra time I
                                         had, I also was able to start a more consistent flow of improving at playing
                                musical instruments, which really opened me up to the wonders of music.

                                             Name: Anonymous
                                             My  Quarantine  Experiences:  “One memorable moment of quar-
                                            antine that definitely stood out was when I left class to get a glass of
                                           water. As with Zoom© tradition of cutting class, I shut my mic and my
                                          camera. As it turns out, the teacher wanted me to answer a question
                                         while  I  was  AWOL,  and  as  I  was  coming  up  the  stairs  I  hear
                                         ‘Helllooooooo… Are you there??’ I raced up the stairs and replied ‘Yeah
                                I’ve been here the whole time…’

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