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P A G E   2

                                       Welcome to a new year of the AY Star! This newspaper is created
          The  Student  Newsletter     entirely by the students around you. There is a tremendous amount
          of Mesivta Ateres Yaakov
            of Greater Long Island     of effort exerted by a slew of people to get each and every issue
           Ruth and Hyman Simon
                 High School           out. I would like to thank fellow editor Yosef Rabinow for his help
            Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe      ensuring each article was at its best. I would like to thank layout de-
            Ph.D.,  Rosh HaYeshiva     signer Elan Bakst for working tirelessly so that the paper that you
            Rabbi Sam Rudansky
             M.A., J.D., Principal     now hold looks as good as it does. Special thanks to Donny Rudan-
          Rabbi Yossi Bennett, M.S.    sky and Pinchas Fiber for their oversight. Ultimately, I would like to
              Assistant Menahel
                                       thank all of our writers who contributed, making this newspaper as
               Editor-in-Chief         great as it is. Without all of these people, I wouldn’t be able to slack
              Mordechai Ross           off as much as I do now. In all seriousness, the work that is done

              Assistant Editor         does not go unnoticed. We appreciate all of your contributions and
               Yosef Rabinow           welcome all new writers to join. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this
                                       paper, after all, this is probably the only thing you millennials will be
               Chief of Layout
             And Coordination          reading in the next two months.
                 Elan Bakst
                                       Signing off,
            Avraham Scheinberg         Mordechai Ross
            Chief of Consultation
                Rafi Farbman
                                         We would love to hear from you! Please
                Contributors             send all questions, comments, & adver-
                                                tisement requests to:
               Akiva Bolsom          
             Eliyahu Czeladnicki
             Benny Gandelman
               Dovid Halpert
                 Zach Hawk             Message from Rabbi Meyer
               Shmuel Jacobs
               Yeshayahu Leff          (Continued from cover)
             Alex Mandelbaum
               Naftali Manne            wildest     expecta-    forward to all the ex- my  office  for  a  quick
              Efraim Nebatian           tions!  Walking  in     citing  things  that  game,  to  talk  about
               Dovid Samson             each  morning  and      we're  hoping  to  do  sports  (Nuggets  fans
               Kovi Schuster            seeing  what  goes
               Zack Schuster                                    this  year!  Tourna- welcome!!), an intense
              Daniel Sigelman           on  here  is  simply    ments,        activities,  rock  paper  scissors
              Mooch Solomon             incredible!     Each    trips…  you  name  it,  match, or just to chill.
            Nachum Weinstock            and  every  one  of     it's   happening      at  Looking  forward  to  an
              Yonah Yarmush
                                        you  contributes  to    MAY!!                      amazing year!!
              Faculty Advisors          that  in  a  million    Anyway,  all  of  you  All the best,
              Mr. Pinchas Fiber         ways. Thank you!!       are  always  welcome  Rabbi Meyer
            Mr. Donny Rudansky          I  am  really  looking   to  come  hang  out  in

                                     A Y             S T A R
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