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N O V E M B E R   2 0 2 0
                                                                                                          P A G E   3


             (Continued from cover)
            pouring!  Not  a  problem.  decent  timing.  Our  #10  3  was given a beautiful crys-
            After getting their MAY5K  this  year  was  just  about  tal  trophy.  The  winners:
            shirts and swag bags, eve- the  timing  of  last  year’s  Moishy  Zern,  Rabbi  Schul-
            ryone headed to the start  #1! Moishy Zern took first  man, and Yours Truly, made a
            line to  get their  race  on!  place  with  him  achieving  huge  effort  to  make  their
            When  the  horn  blew,  his fastest ever 5K, in less  spots. Personally, I had to re-
            everyone felt that blast of  than  twenty  minutes!  ally push myself at the end to
            excitement  and  ran  their  Rabbi  Yaffe  finished  in  beat  Yoni  Schonbrun.  When
            hardest! Moishy Zern and  great timing thanks to his  we finally saw the results, we

            Rabbi  Schulman took the  MAY Open House poncho.  saw  that  I  beat  him  by  on-
            lead  and  I  tried  tagging  The grand trophy presen-    ly .16 of a second! Ultimately,
            along. For some the race  tation  was  led  by  our  it was a great event for eve-
            was  hard  to  tackle,  but  amazing  Rabbi  Zern,  who  ryone. It was enjoyable and it
            everyone  was  able  to  do  made  this  whole  event  will have a lasting impact on
                        it  with  pretty  possible.  Each  of  the  top  the yeshiva!
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