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P A G E   6
                        Defence of the Trump Presidency

                        By Zack Schuster

                       Communism  and  Fascism,  op- the  president  offered  his  sup- American history), Iraq, and Syria
                       posing  giants  of  the  political  port. This demonstrates the pur- in an efficient and timely fashion.
                       spectrum,  are  the  extremes  pose of our federal government,  6. Moved embassy to Jerusalem,
                       Americans  now  face  in  the  up- an organization designed to pro- encouraging  dozens  of  other
                       coming  election.  Though  both  tect the safety of its citizens. Un- countries to follow.
                       have  tried  to  infiltrate  our  gov- fortunately, Trump was labeled a  7. Negotiated UAE- Bahrain- Isra-
                       ernmental system, they’ve been  fascist for exercising the powers  el peace deal, as well as a peace
                       met  with  limited  success,  and  his position grants him.    brokerage  between  Serbia  and
                       have struggled to gain a foothold  The Democrats have been partic- Kosovo.
                       with  sensible  Americans.  Many  ularly  adept  at  enacting  hypo- 9. Rebuilt the US Marine Corps.
                       have  labeled  Donald  Trump  a  critical  laws,  beginning  with  the  10.  Three  great  SCOTUS  justices.
                       political fascist. His opponent Joe  federal  mandate  requiring  mask  (The  number  is  purely  circum-
                       Biden hasn’t fared much better,  wearing. This mandate is uncon- stantial, but the nominees show a
                       drawing  criticism    for  the  close  stitutional  whether  or  not  lot about his character)
                       ties  he  shares  with  the  leftists  it  saves lives, and regardless of  11.  Made  NATO  members  like
                       faction  of  his  party.  To  many  its purported effectiveness. After  Germany  and  France  pay  their
                       Americans, this election appears  all, prohibiting people from driv- fair share.
                       to  be  a  Catch-22,  with  neither  ing  cars,  which  are  responsible  12. Trade incentives brought jobs
                       side presenting itself as a viable  for the deaths of thousands an- back to the US.
                       option.                        nually,  would  be  tyrannical  and  13. Record high numbers for the
                       Fascist  countries  typically  fea- inefficient even if lives would be  Dow  Jones  Industrial    Average
                       ture  an  authoritarian  ruler  who  saved.                    and S&P 500.
                       presides  over  a  single  seat  of  Trump  has  put  the  rights  of  14.  Record  low  unemployment
                       power. Opposing political parties  Americans at the forefront of his  (before Covid-19).
                       are banned, leaving their legisla- presidency.  In  a  fascist  system,  15.  Trusted  the  states  to  handle
                       tion  stifled  and  without  influ- there  are  no  rights.  All  precon- their own response to Covid-19.
                       ence.  Checks  and  balances  are  ceived notions of rights and priv- 16.  WALL!  (Illegal  immigration
                       replaced by a single ruling body.  ileges  are  restricted,  and  are  has actually gone down).
                       The  Trump  administration  has  gifts to those who receive them.  17.  Eased  tensions  with  North
                       long had a history of surrender- America  is  as  far  from  a  fascist  Korea.
                       ing governmental power to both  country as it gets, thanks to the  18.  Brought  home  50  hostages
                       the  states  and  the  people.  Trump Administration.          from overseas.
                       Trump  has  already  cut  over  Here is a cursory list of the steps  19.  Proposed  the  “America  first
                       7,000  pages  of  federal  re- the  Trump  Administration  has  healthcare  plan”  in  an  effort  to
                       strictions,  ranging  from  lobster  taken to protect the rights of the  rectify  the  issues  with  Obamac-
                       fishing  regulations  to  how  to  people:                     are.
                       procure  a  license  for  an  infra- 1.  Lowered  taxes  and  regula- 22. Pulled out of the Iran Nuclear
                       structural project. For every law   tions across the board.    Deal and Paris Climate Accords.
                       added,  he  removed  seven.  That  2.  Lowered  federal  regulation  25.  Defeated  ISIS,  focusing  on
                       hardly sounds like the actions of  across the board.           taking  out  Islamic  leaders  Abu
                       a dictator.                    3.  VA  reform  (better  healthcare  Bakr  Al  Baghdadi  and  Quassem
                       The  spread  of  violence  and  ri- for vets).                 Soleimeini.
                       oting, has plunged Democrat-led  4. Advancement in the US Space  28.  Spearheaded  criminal  justice
                       states into a total state of anar- force, NASA.                reform.
                       chy.  When  these  Democrats  re- 5.  Brought  home  troops  from
                       fused  to  protect  their  citizens,  Afghanistan  (longest  war  in

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