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                         “Sure I would love to do chesed, but I just don’t know exactly what to do.”

              So many of us would be happy to offer some of our free time to do chesed if we only knew what
                                                    opportunities exist.

         This Kuntrus includes a detailed list of chesed opportunities in our neighborhood, whether you enjoy working
         with young or old, in the evenings or weekends, there is a chesed that will appeal to you.  Of course, there
          are many more chesed opportunities than those listed here, and if you find others, we encourage you to
                             bring them to our attention so we may include them in future lists.

         The Mesivta doesn’t require you to do chesed.  Rather we warmly invite and encourage you to participate
           in some form of chesed activity. This brochure is full of excellent suggestions, but you may discover other
                                              chesed activities on your own.

               There are 3 categories of chesed that have consideration for the Arista Honors Society:


            Daily                             Bais Medrash, Classrooms, Gabbai Tzeddakah

                                             Chaverim, Father-Son learning Program, Kulanu,
                                              MYEF, Partners in Torah, Premier, Shul Chesed
                                    Atria Assisted Living, Bikur Cholim, Chai Lifeline, JEP Long Island,
                                          Lev Leytzan, Masbia Soup Kitchen, Tomchei Shabbos

            Major                          Bais Ezra (OHEL), Friendship Circles, Kids of Courage

                                                      Please Remember:

                             Participation in a chesed activity is a prerequisite for membership
                                            in the prestigious Arista Honor Society

                           Your participation in chesed activities will be noted on your transcript
                                      and you will receive a community service award

                   All chesed projects must be approved by Rabbi Yaffe, Rabbi Bennett or Rabbi Meyer.
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