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        Partners in Torah

                           There are Jews all over the country who thirst for words of Torah but have limited or
                           no academic Torah background or Jewish education. You can be a study partner
                           with a fellow Jew and study Chumash, Mishna, Halacha, Hashkafa, etc. with him on
                           a steady basis throughout the year. You can bring a Yid closer to Hashem and to
                           Torah and Mitzvos. What an awesome zechus!

                           To sign up:
                           Call Partners in Torah

        Shul Chesed

                                      You belong to a shul. Your shul is of course a place to daven, to connect
                                      with  the  Ribbono  Shel  Olam,  but  most  shuls  provide  a  myriad  of  other
                                      programs as well. Weekly Shalosh Seudos, Kiddush, lectures, youth groups,
                                      Melave Malkas, etc. etc. Speak to your Rov, perhaps your assistance would
                                      be appreciated in some way. Set up, clean up, office work, shul mailings,
                                      youth  group  volunteer,  Seforim  binder,  designing  flyers  to  announce
                                      events- the opportunities are many.

        To sign up:
        Contact Your Shul’s Rov or President

        The Five Towns Premier

        It’s  the  rehab  and  senior  center  right  in  our  backyard.  Why  not
        consider paying a friendly visit to one of the many elderly Yidden at
        the Five Towns Premier Rehab. Your visit to senior citizens will not only
        be  very  beneficial  to  them  but  you  too  will  gain  from  their  life
        experiences. You’ll hear about the “Alta Heim” and become more
        aware of what Yiddishkeit was like in the early 20  century.  Note: You must fill out an application, and
        provide proof of a recent physical and immunizations.

        To sign up:
        See Rabbi Bennett

        Tomchei Shabbos Yad Yeshaya

        The  Chesed  of  Tomche  Shabbos  is  legendary.  Each  Thursday  evening,  they
        discreetly deliver boxes of food to hundreds of area families who are unable to
        make ends meet. Tomche Shabbos is looking for back-up drivers who can deliver
        for a route when their primary driver is unavailable.  Note: You must have a license
        and a car. (12  graders only)
        To sign up:
        Call Mrs. Lamm
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