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        Bikur Cholim

        The Bikur Cholim of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway has a list of Cholim who are
        in need of any one or more of the following: Someone to shop for them, drive them
        to  a  doctor’s  appointment,  help  with  homework  (sometimes  a  parent’s  illness
        prevents them from helping their children), or just in need of a friendly visit.

        To sign up:
        Call Mrs. David
        718-471-8444 Ext. 224

        Chai Lifeline

        This  world-renowned  organization  needs  volunteers  for  their  “Big
        Brother” program. Chai Lifeline will set you up with a sick child and you
        will become his “Big Brother”. You will have the opportunity to spend
        time with him, take him for walks, schmooze, play, and become his life-
        long friend. Sometimes Chai Lifeline will set you up with a brother of a sick child so that he gets the
        attention he needs during his brother’s illness. Note: 11  and 12  Graders only
        To sign up:
        Call Mrs. Yudkovsky

        Chaverim Dispatching

        Flat tires, keys locked in the car, dead batteries… These are some of the calls you
        would be getting from motorists from the Five Towns and Far Rockaway areas. You
        can become a dispatcher and field calls and dispatch help from the comfort of
        your own home. Donate one or more hours per week - calls can be routed to your
        cell phone!

        To sign up:
        See Pinchas Lipsky

        Father-Son Learning Program

                                The community Motzai Shabbos Avos u’Banim learning programs can use your
                                help. Activities include setting up prizes, giving out tickets and snacks, logging
                                attendance, and assisting at special events. Be involved with programs that
                                bring more than 400 boys and their fathers to the Beis Medrash for an hour of
                                Limud HaTorah on Motzai Shabbos.

        To sign up:
        Contact Your Shul’s Rov or President
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