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                                         As we know, chesed starts at the home.
             There are a number of chesed opportunities that can be done in the yeshiva - Chesed Pnimi.

        Bais  Medrash:  Organize  and  put  away  Seforim  daily.  Help  make  the  Bais
        Medrash the Makom Kadosh that it is.

        Chavrusah:  There  are  many  times  that  a  fellow  talmid  might  need  help  in
        preparing for a gemarah test, or to be caught up on the sugya. An opportunity
        to help him would be a tremendous chesed.

        Call a Classmate:  When a Talmid misses Yeshiva for a couple of days due to an illness, it would be nice
        for him to receive a phone call asking him how he’s feeling or apprising him of what his class is learning.

        Gabbai Tzedaka: Daily collection of Tzedaka, counting the money and preparing it for the bank, this
        job makes a lot of cents!

        To sign up:
        See Rabbi Meyer

        Classrooms:   Sometimes  your classroom  can use a little sprucing up. For example,  clearing a desk,
        picking up a piece of paper, placing Shaimos in the proper place, etc.

        To sign up:
        Speak to Your Rebbe

        Atria Assisted Living (Queens Based)

                          The beautiful Atria Retirement and Assisted Living Center in Kew Gardens (84  Avenue)
                          has some lonely elderly Jews that would really love to have company. You can make
                          a senior friend, go for a Shabbos walk, schmooze, learn, or just listen. What a mitzvah
                          it is to befriend and cheer up the elderly.

        To sign up:
        Call Marty Ingbar

        Bais Ezra  (Ohel)

        Bais Ezra is a subdivision of Ohel providing services for young adults and children
        with  developmental      disabilities.  Volunteers  are  needed   for  three  yearly
        Shabbatons,   a Purim   carnival,  and other  Ateres  Yaakov-  run  events.  You  can
        also volunteer at the Bais Ezra “Arlington Home” located in Cedarhurst for visits
        and other services. The residents will certainly enjoy your friendship.

        To sign up:
        See Rabbi Meyer
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