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10                                                              CD2
                   Binyan Pa’al, Group 1- Infinitive Form                                                Track 2

Binyan Pa'al – Group 1, Subgroup 1

Now, check yourself.

Subgroup 1 is the most common group in Binyan Pa’al. Please pay

attention: all of these verbs have a sound structure LEE...O... in the

infinitive form. Note the first letter of the infinitive form - ‫ל‬

To study

             )‫ את‬,‫ִל ְלמֹוד (ב‬

To meet        LEELMOD

             )‫ִל ְפגֹוׁש (את‬

To write           LEEFGOSH

             )‫ על‬,‫ ל‬,‫ִל ְכתֹוב (את‬

To read            LEEKHTOV

             )‫ על‬,‫ ל‬,‫ִל ְקרֹוא (את‬

To remember    LEEKRO

             )‫ִל ְזכֹור (את‬

To finish      LEEZKOR

             )‫ִל ְגמֹור (את‬

To sleep       LEEGMOR

             )‫ על‬,‫ִליׁשֹון (ב‬


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