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                                Introduction - Seven Learning Steps

           ‫ְמנֹו ַרת ַה ֹּפ ַעל‬

              The Verb Menorah

This Menorah represents the fantastic order and music of the Hebrew
language. Notice the 3 right-hand branches, which represent active verbs,
while the 3 left-hand branches represent passive verbs.
The middle branch represents verbs, which can be both active and passive.

(Listen to CD for explanation and demonstration of the music)

Binyan Name  ‫ִנ ְפ ַעל‬  ‫ֻּפ ַעל ֻּה ְפ ַעל‬   ‫ִה ְפ ִעיל ִפ ֵעל ִה ְת ַפ ֵעל‬     ‫ָפ ַעל‬
Example  ‫ִנ ְכ ַתב‬      ‫ֻּד ַבר ֻּה ְר ַגׁש‬  ‫ִה ְר ִגיׁש ִד ֵבר ִה ְת ַל ֵבׁש‬   ‫ָכ ַתב‬
passive passive passive passive/active active active

The Verb Menorah represents the mystical bond between the Hebrew
language and the deeper layers of Judaism and Torah. According to tradition
there are certain Psalms that are spiritually beneficial when read as they are
written in the shape of Menorah. (For instance Psalm 67).

* The passive verb groups ‫ ֻּפ ַעל‬and ‫ ֻּה ְפ ַעל‬will be covered in our

    more advanced book "Verbs in a Nutshell".

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