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8                                                                            CD2
       Binyan Pa’al, Group 1- Infinitive Form                                                            Track 1

Introduction to Binyan Pa'al

The verbs associated with this Binyan have the same sound pattern

..A.. A.. in past tense as the sound patter of the name of Binyan Pa'al

(pA'Al) suggests.

Binyan Pa'al includes many very useful verbs such as:

  ‫ׁ ָש ַמע ָיׁ ַשב‬   ‫ָע ַבד‬    ‫ָכ ַתב ָל ַמד‬

    Sat Heard       Worked   Learned Wrote

Pay attention again: all of these verbs have the vowels ..A.. A.. in third

person in the past tense, which are the same vowels as in the name of the

Binyan – pA'Al, and maintain the sound pattern:

                          ..A.. A..

Although all verbs in Binyan Pa’al have the same ..A.. A.. sound pattern

in the Past tense, within Binyan Pa'al we have an additional division into
groups and subgroups, based on some additional common verb
characteristics in each group and subgroup.

The first Pa'al group (group 1) contains six subgroups, which will be
presented to you on the following pages.

First, we will go over the infinitive forms of all the different subgroups.

Please go over all the six subgroups and listen to the corresponding audio
tracks several times.

Do not worry about memorizing all the verbs right away, we
will get to review them several times, using stories and

The main thing for you to remember is that all the verbs in
the various Pa'al groups and subgroups always maintain the
.. A.. A.. sound pattern for the third person in the past tense.

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