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                                Introduction - Seven Learning Steps

        Verbs - General Introduction

                      On the following page you will find the
                        "HEBREW VERB MENORAH".

As you know, in the Temple there was a golden Menorah built with seven
branches. It was made of one single piece of gold to represent the unification
of the different…

The Temple Menorah was captured by the Romans after the destruction of the
second Temple.

After the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948, the Menorah became the
symbol of Israel.

The Hebrew verbs are divided into seven basic groups. Each group is called
"BINYAN". (BINYAN = building, structure)

In this book the verb groups are arranged in the
shape of a Menorah. (See next page).


Using this study kit you will learn the Hebrew
verbs in a unique and easy way, based on the sound structure (music,
or vowel combination) that distinguishes the different groups. Once you
have learned the music of a certain verb group, you will automatically
know how to use all the other verbs having the same music. It will help
you be on "auto-pilot" and speak like an Israeli.

   Let's take a look at the Verb Menorah.

    The 3 branches on the right side represent active verb groups

    The 3 branches on the left side represent passive verb groups

    The middle branch represents a group which is sometimes active and
       sometimes passive.

At this stage please do not plunge into the details. Just absorb the overall

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