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                                Introduction - Seven Learning Steps

                             Shalom from Yoel and Orly, the developers
                             of a unique language learning methodology
                             RLA (Rapid Language Acquisition) and
                             founders of Ulpan-Or, where students learn
                             Hebrew at the speed of light.
Welcome to "Hebrew Verbs – Present Tense" study kit, which is
part of our iHebrew™ comprehensive program designed for all
levels and ages.
"Hebrew Verbs – Present Tense" is presented to you after two
decades of research. Being engaged in this research, we have
developed our unique RLA – Rapid Language Acquisition method,
with the aim of helping people overcome their fear of Hebrew

We designed this study kit with the idea of simplifying the Hebrew
verb structure to let you enjoy the beauty and the intrinsic musical
qualities of Hebrew grammar.

This book contains all major Hebrew verb groups (Binyanim) in the
Present tense.
We’ll be delighted to help you with your studies and would also
appreciate getting any comments or remarks.

Please feel free to contact us at:

With very best wishes,

Orly & Yoel

           Copyrighted and owned by Ulpan-Or. Any usage without express permission from Ulpan-Or is prohibited RE2

                        .‫ העתקה והפצה אסורים‬,‫ כל שימוש‬.‫אור‬-‫כל הזכויות שמורות לאולפן‬
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