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                                                                                    FEBRUARY. 2021 | VOL. 14

                                TRADE NEWS

             The BSA are Proud to Announce a Procurement

                             Partnership with Zero Procure

          As we look to the opportunities of 2021,             Zero Procure makes procurement
          we’re delighted to introduce Zero                    simple, adds great value, with zero cost
          Procure, the dedicated procurement                   for their customers. They pride

          partner of The BSA and its members.                  themselves in supporting operators

                                                               and suppliers, working together to
          This partnership will enable BSA                     benefit from increased efficiencies and
          members and associates to have access                above all, saving money. In many cases

          to pricing and offers that would                     they won't require customers to change
          normally only be available to larger                 their buying habits, you will just enjoy

          organisations. The best part is it won't             lower costs through galvanised buying
          cost you a penny. Zero in fact!                      power, ensuring you are working with

                                                               the right suppliers at the right price,
          Zero Procure also works on behalf of                 across all areas of spend.
          the quality suppliers associated with the

          BSA giving you access to additional
          potential clients through their vast UK                For further information and to

          wide network, providing a high yielding                start saving time and money in
          and low-cost sales tool.                               your business, please contact Zero
                                                                 Procure at:


                                                                  +44 (0)208 279 0818.


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