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                                                                                    FEBRUARY. 2021 | VOL. 14

       Focus on Hot Beverage Equipment Solutions

       There is little doubt that at the heart of our          Operators have to face the challenges of
       hospitality sector, great people and their              being able to offer more, to the fewer
       passions are the driving force of quality,              customer, with less staff and less space. That’s
       success and growth and within these                     no easy ticket.
       individuals are many accumulated skill sets and
       talents. Behind this army of experts, however,          These changed however are not overnight,
       there lies a need for innovative equipment              and our equipment and technology sector has

       solutions that support operations and                   evolved in record time to deliver innovative
       workflow to enable profitable businesses.               solutions to meet these new challenges. It’s
                                                               never been a more exciting or buoyant
       The BSA has spent much of lockdown exploring moment in the foodservice equipment arena
       the future of our sector and the challenges and even if we’ve not had the exhibitions, shows
       opportunities that will present themselves in           and glitzy launches to convince us so. Many of

       2021 and beyond. Undoubtedly we will see                these developments are UK based!
       seismic shifts in the labour market. Skilled
       individuals have been furloughed or made                Our Plan...
       redundant. Skills have been dormant in many             Here, the BSA recognises the dual need of
       cases. Low-cost labour from Europeans has               both manufacturers and caterers to engage
       arguably been replaced by over skilled pivoting         effectively supporting one another in the new
       Brits struggling to survive. Whilst most UK             dawn of post lockdown trading. We have

       hospitality teams are champing at the bit to get        decided to dedicate a full twelve months to
       stuck into work again, there will be those, post        covering a diverse equipment solution feature.
       furlough who may simply decide not to return.           Each month in Something's Brewing we will
       So we have labour changes of significance.              focus on a specific category and drill down to
                                                               ask the right questions to leading member

       We also face a whole new world of operating.            manufacturers. We’ll look closely at cost
       Spontaneity is now joined by pre-ordering.              efficiency, operational ease, remote training,
       Take away delivery is now joined by click and           sustainability, energy efficiency, service
       collect. Hole in the wall counters have sprung          support, innovation, cloud connectivity,
       up that were never there before. Staff,                 flexibility and added value propositions.
       protected with PPE and new screens have to
       adjust to newer workflows. Customers are                If there’s a better machine out there,

       reduced in numbers over time by social                  we’ll share it with you!
       distancing. UK plc has less money, and possibly
       a diminished cautious desire to spring back
       into hospitality.
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