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       Oolong teas are believed to help in weight loss,          Unlike green tea, the leaves are then
       lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart             wrapped in a material and stored. This
       disease, and prevent bone loss because of its             allows for a light and slow oxidation. The
       antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the          Junshan Yinzhen variety is wrapped in thick
       body.                                                     paper and stored in a wooden box. The
                                                                 other two varieties are wrapped in cloth.
       Brew the leaves for about 3 minutes in hot water          This process of frying and wrapping, then
       (194-203 F OR 90-95 C). Greener oolongs,                  being left to cool and slightly oxidize, is
       oxidised to about 20% have a fresh green tea              repeated multiple times for up to 3 days.
       flavour with floral notes; dark oolongs, oxidised to      After that, the leaves are slow roasted. Then
       40-50 %, and then roasted over charcoal after             they are finally ready.
       manufacture, have complex layers of flavour, with

       stone fruits, figs and dates in the top notes above       This involved process and short time frame
       underlying toasty charcoal notes on the bottom.           for harvesting combine to make this such a
       Go ahead and try this smooth tasting and organic          rare tea. Most producers have simply
       Tie Guan Yin Tea that you can order from Amazon.          stopped using the full traditional methods
                                                                 and simply process their “yellow tea” as
                                                                 green tea to save time and effort.
                                                                 If you ever find a true yellow tea and get a
                                                                 chance to try it, you’ll see what a difference
                                                                 all the processing can make. It has an
                                                                 incredibly complex taste and smell that is
                                                                 somewhere between green and oolong.

                                                                 The method of brewing yellow tea is
       Yellow                                                    basically the same as the method for
       Yellow tea is the least known, type of tea. It is very    brewing white tea. To prepare white tea,
       similar to green tea, the main difference being a         brew it in a glass vessel or teapot of boiling

       slower drying phase, allowing the leaves to turn          water (176°F or 80°C) for about 3-4
       yellow while they stay damp.                              minutes. You can get 3-6 infusions out of
                                                                 most yellow teas. Increase the steeping time
       The infusion also takes on a yellow colour. It has a      30 seconds to one minute for each infusion.
       smooth, mellow flavour, without the grassiness of         How many infusions you do depends
       green tea. Like white tea, yellow tea is very high        entirely on your taste.
       quality. The best options seem to be two varieties
       from Tealyra: a Junshan Yinzhen (designated as              This article was produced by Joonas
       one of China’s ten famous teas) and a Huang Cha.            Jokiniemi who loves surfing, travelling
       A Junshan Yinzhen especially, is usually very               and spending time with his son. He
       expensive.                                                  enjoys drinking Yerba Mate and other
                                                                   herbal teas for health reasons.
       Houshan Huangya Yellow Tea
       The general process for making yellow tea is the            Further information can be found at:
       same for all 3 varieties, though there are small  
       differences. First, the tea leaves are fried, just like a   tea-types-healht-benefits
       standard Chinese green tea.
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