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                                                                                    FEBRUARY. 2021 | VOL. 14

      Chinese Tea: Part Two                                     Green

                                                                Green tea is the oldest type of Chinese tea.
                                                                The leaves are processed by withering,
        By Joonas Jokiniemi
                                                                panning, rolling, and drying in woks or drying
                                                                machines. This is carried out to remove
        In this month’s Something's  Brewing we will
        look at four types of teas made from tea leaves         almost all the moisture and bring out the
        (Camellia Sinensis), how to prepare them, and           natural aroma, green colour, and green
        their potential health benefits as perceived by         vegetal flavour profile.
        the Chinese.
                                                                Some of the most famous green teas
                                                                are West Lake Longjing tea, Maojian tea, and
        White tea (‘bai cha’) is allowed to wither and dry      Sweet Dew of Mengding.
        before use. Two of the best white teas are White
        Hair Silver Needle and White Peony and are              Green tea is often considered the healthiest
        produced in Fujian province.                            tea because it is rich in antioxidants and
                                                                nutrients that are good for the body. The
                                                                Chinese believe that it can help clear toxic
        Chinese believe white tea can aid in clearing
        toxic heat and reducing fatigue.                        heat, reduce inflammation, help in fat loss,
        The potential health benefits of white tea have         improve brain function, and lower the risk of
        been studied as well, and include reduced risk          cancer.
        of heart and neurodegenerative diseases,
        healthier skin, and reduced risk of cancer. It can      Green tea leaves are usually brewed in hot
        also help with weight loss and supporting               water (158°F OR 70°C) or for about 2- 3
        healthy bones.                                          minutes and re-brewed if needed.
                                                                If you want to try some high-quality Chinese
                                                                green tea, I can recommend this Organic
        White teas are known for their unique aromas
        and delicate floral-fruity flavours.                    Longjing West Lake Dragon Well Green
        To prepare some white tea, brew it in a glass           Tea available on Amazon.
        vessel or teapot of boiling water (176°F or 80°C)
        for about 3-4 minutes.                                  Oolong
                                                                Oolong teas (‘qing cha’ or ‘wu long cha’)

                                                                are semi-oxidised teas (green tea is not
        You can find both White Hair Silver
        Needle and White Peony tea on Amazon.                   oxidised; black tea is fully oxidised; oolong
                                                                teas are oxidised on a scale between around
                                                                10% and 90 %). They are produced mainly in
                                                                Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan.

                                                                The tea leaves are wilted, bruised, partially
                                                                oxidized, rolled, and dried. After drying, the
                                                                dark Chinese oolongs (e.g. Wuyi rock oolongs
                                                                such as Shui Xian, Rou Gui and big red robe)
                                                                are roasted over charcoal. the greener
                                                                oolongs (such as Tie Guan Yin) are
                                                                sometimes charcoal roasted and sometimes
                                                                left green.
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