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                                                                                    FEBRUARY. 2021 | VOL. 14

                                TRADE NEWS

     Kokoa Competition Winner                                                   @apprentice_homebarista

     Congratulations to Tom Hamilton-Rutter for winning
     our #somethingsbrewing competition!

     Tom is learning his craft at home. So, we know he will
     appreciate trying all seven of Kokoa's Single Origins. If
     anyone else can offer help to him, with his training
     please get in touch with him via Instagram!

     Tom has shared some comment:

     "I’ve only been into my coffee and home barista setup for
     the past four years - learning a lot and enjoying every step
     of my journey. It all started with the gift of a Sage Duo
     Temp Pro and quickly understanding there was more to it
     than using supermarket pre ground coffee and a massively
     over textured milk.

     The coffee community is so open and generous with so

     many amazing sources of information from Coffee Forum
     UK to YouTube accounts ranging from home enthusiasts to
     professional coffee experts. I quickly felt welcomed and
     before I knew it I had a barista course booked which is
     when things started getting more serious and a change to
     single origin coffees and trying to always find that golden
     shot unlocking what the grower and roaster want you to

     I’ve also been trying alternative drinks like a London Fog,
     Spanish Latte and of course making the ultimate home hot
     chocolates. Too often hot chocolates out and about are
     cold and not very full of chocolate flavour.  Having tried
     plenty and always trying to take note of how they were

     made and most importantly with what chocolate I settled
     on the Kokoa Collection.                                                  "After a caffeine packed day,
                                                                               time to finish with a Hot
     I find the tablets of chocolate easy to work with and this                Chocolate using the amazing
     assists in the speed of the workflow. They easily soften and              @kokoacollection and flakes
     incorporate fully into the textured milk leaving you a hot                to top #somethingsbrewing"
     chocolate to rival most coffee shops."
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