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Letter From the Editor                                              Letters to the


                                       I am so happy to share this issue with all of      What a gorgeous cover and the
                                   you. It is one I know you will truly enjoy. We      inside pages as well. Loved the dress-
                                   had a blast putting it together. Our cover girl     es.
                                   for this issue is Denise Arand, an amazing lady            Sue from San Diego
                                   who you will love the moment you meet her.             Loved the travel app Locali that
                                   She also happens to be an exceptional financial     was mentioned in Sherise Varga’s ar-
                                   expert, and creator of the Wine, Women, and         ticle. My cousins came to San Diego
      Photo by Lisa K. Miller      the country. With the limitations of Covid-19,      out a bunch of places they wanted
                                   Wealth gatherings that have sprung up across
                                                                                       for the first time and they picked
                                                                                       to visit. Those that were not opened
                                   she has managed to keep them going virtually
                                                                                       due to Covid-19 are saved for their
                                   throughout the pandemic. She has also written
                                                                                       next trip in the summer. Great App!
                                   a dynamic book in which she shares the experi-
                                   ences of others as well as the solutions that help
                                   them get control of their financial lives.                 Sheila from Escondido
                                                                                          Way to go  Dr. Stacer. I wish I
           Denise is just one of the amazing authors in this issue. This is a topic we   had the daring spirit that you have
        have never focused on before. As a writer myself, and founder/director of      climbing a glacier.  I have  enough
        the San Diego Writing Academy, it is funny that it has taken me 15 years to    trouble navigating my backyard.
        produce a Special Writer’s Issue. I do believe it was worth the wait.                 Lee from Oceanside
           For those of you who love the romance genre, we were thrilled to spend         What a great idea Nadia had to
        some time getting to know Catherine Bybee. She currently has 36 published      help restaurants during an unprec-
        books to her credit, and it doesn’t look like she going to stop anytime soon.   edented crisis in our country.  We
        Once you read one of her books, you are hooked, I personally am on number      own a small local restaurant and
        three already and I plan to make my way through the remaining thirty-three.    this pandemic almost put us out of
        These are just two of the wonderful writers who grace this issue. You will love   business, and we have been in San
        them all.                                                                      Diego almost ten years. Thanks Na-
                                                                                       dia for doing what you did to help
           There is a feature in this issue that is imperative that every woman read   so many restauranteur’s.
        and that is the one by our Assistant Editor, Carol Heath. It tells of the journey       Lilly from San Diego
        forged by women in the early 1900s to earn all women the right to vote. It is
        not only a masterpiece, but every woman needs to know how hard it was for         I cannot wait to read Dawn’s
        women to finally earn the “privilege,” and why we must always be certain to    book. I too am adopted and I know I
        participate in every election that occurs.                                     will enjoy reading about her search
           Don’t miss the special feature on Amy Forsythe, a war correspondent         for her mom. Hopefully, one day
                                                                                       I will be lucky enough to find my
        and journalist, with several deployments to some of the most dangerous         birth mom. Her story gives me hope.
        war zones in the world. Thank you, Amy, for your service, and to all of our           Grace from Del Mar
        beloved service men and women, we thank you for the great sacrifices made
        to keep us safe.                                                                  C.F. Illingworth’s article about
           Thank you to all our readers for their kind words and continued support.    dieting was so on point. Loved it.
        We always love feedback in regard to what you would like to see in upcom-      I often have to sneak stuff that my
        ing issues. So, send me off an email to and         wife  does  not  want me  to  eat.  I
                                                                                       don’t know what she has against ice
        share your thoughts with us. Remember, we are your publication and want to     cream?
        continue carrying the topics you desire.
                                                                                              James from La Jolla

           Warm Regards,                                                                  I had been afraid to try CBD be-
           Judith A. Habert                                                            fore I read your roundup. So glad to
                                                                                       have some guidance since I knew
                                                                                       nothing about what to look for or
                                                                                       what brands could be trusted.
                                                                                              May from Temecula
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