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Women of Distinction

              ver the years I have                                                        what the biggest mistakes were
              conducted hundreds                                                          that new writers make? After
       Oof interviews and have                                                            several ‘good rejections’ with
        met some of the most impres-                                                      encouragement to try submit-
        sive and accomplished women                                                       ting in the future, she finally
        from all walks of life. I must                                                    decided to go with a small
        say that meeting and having
        the opportunity to speak with
        Catherine Bybee is now among
        one of my top experiences.
           Catherine Bybee has ac-
        complished what every person
        who dares to call themselves
        a writer hopes to accomplish.
        The genres might differ, but
        whether you are a romance
        writer, nonfiction writer,
        poet, or any sort of writer, the
        ultimate dream is to be able to
        share your creative works with
        the world. Catherine has done
        this in 36 published books,
        with more on the way.
           She has been praised for                  Photos courtesy of Catherine Bybee
        her work, as demonstrated in
        her standing as a #1 Wall Street
        Journal, Amazon, and an Indie    Catherine
        Reader bestselling author.
        Catherine’s books have also
        graced The New York Times
        and USA Today bestsellers lists.
        She has collectively sold more          BYBEE
        than 8 million copies and has                                                     press and her first book was
        had her books translated into                                                     published. This encouraged
        more than twenty languages.             By Judith A. Habert                       Catherine, and writing became
           So how do you get to                                                           her full-time pursuit. So fast
        this place in life? How do                                                        forward a couple of years, and
        you achieve the heights that   Catherine remained in the   around and knew that I had to   Catherine had 9 books under
        Catherine has achieved?    nursing profession for twenty   do something.”         her belt and decided it was
        Born in California, her family   years. “Writing was never on   Catherine had played with   time to focus on the voice she
        moved to Washington State   my radar. I've always been an   the idea of writing a book. “I   had created, a more contempo-
        when she was very young. She   incredible storyteller. I just   sat down a couple of times and   rary voice. She targeted Harle-
        went to high school there, but   didn't think I had it in me to   wrote stuff down. This time   quin Romance, and the editor
        just four days after graduation   physically write them down.” It   I completed my first book. It   turned down her book, WIFE
        Catherine jumped in her car   was actually a turn of fate that   had a beginning, a middle,   BY WEDNESDAY. “When I
        and headed back to California   changed her life and her future.  and an end. Things happened   got the rejection, I'm like, well,
        to achieve her dream. Not as   “It was a busy, understaffed   in between. I knew it was   maybe I will just self-publish.
        a bestselling author. At this   day in the emergency room. I   horribly written, and I knew   So, I did.” This is the book that
        point in her life, she dreamed   was transferring a patient from   that nobody would ever read   was her breakout novel and has
        of stardom and went out to   a wheelchair to a gurney. She   that book.” Perhaps it was the   led her on a path that currently
        Hollywood to become the next   grabbed a hold of me. We both   fact that Catherine was so hard   consists of 36 books and her
        Academy Award recipient.   went down and my prognosis   on herself that has led to her   incredible success.
        “When I tired of waitressing,   after this accident was not   success. She immediately put   “It was great. It was an
        I took a long hard look at my   good. It was going to take sev-  her book aside and started   amazing, amazing time in
        life and decided it was time to   en years and two surgeries for   writing another book. This   my life because everything
        go back to school.” Catherine   me to get better. It was during   time she decided she would   changed so dramatically in two
        pursued nursing.           this time that I tired of sitting   be prepared. She researched   short months after that book

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