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     Hello and welcome!

     It is a real pleasure to create and share this simple and
     supportive resource with you. It is now the 6th issue!

     My goal since founding Brain Insights in 2008 has been
     to share the basics of brain development research in
     easy, understandable ways until it finally becomes
                                                                               IN THIS ISSUE
     common knowledge for EVERYONE and common
     practice in the lives of ALL children.

     Something I state frequently is, “What children need
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     most is adults that understand development!”

                                                                            Research Finding    3
     Due to research finding the incredible significance of
     the first 2 months, this magazine is adding to this goal
     with the important focus on the need for nurturing                     Focus on a Member    4
     babies AND supporting parents and caregivers in The
                Shawn                                                       Support Resources    5
     First 60 Days!

     If you haven't already, it would be wonderful to have
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     you join us in The First 60 Days movement. A Bi-
     monthly issues of this magazine is only one of the
     benefits for members.                                                  Quotes & Insights    7

     With sincere appreciation for your part in making a                    Welcome to Members    8
     positive difference,

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     Deborah, McNelis, M.Ed.
     Founder, Brain Insights and Creator of Neuro-Nurturing®
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