P. 13

Finally, Terry's voice in the microphone sounds:

                     "Has everyone closed the doors?"
                     "Yes," the guests shout back at him.

                    "Then let’s get ready to rumble." With the sound of a loud drum the music starts

                   and at the same time the wheel starts again "Voulez vous..." Abba fills the air, the
                   lights flash, and the guests start to scream. Janokovic yanks the knife with full

                   force in right next to it the cabinet lock. He pulls the knife out and repeats the

                   manoeuvre; after the third attempt, the lock begins to give way. The Ferris wheel
                   is now in full motion and people are moaning and blaring. Janokovic takes a

                   short break. He looks around to see if anyone has noticed him, but no one has.
                   The music is buzzing, as the guests get louder. "Now, there’s only two wheel-

                   rides left," the speakers say. Janokovic stands in front of cabinet. With a swift

                   motion, he opens up the bottle and empties the content on the wires. He strikes a
                   match and throws it into the control cabinet. There is a loud bang, and two large

                   flames shoots out of the closet. With a trembling sound, all the lights disappear

                   and the music stops. It is completely dark; the streetlights out in front of the park
                   are off, all lights on the pier are gone. Instant panic erupts around the wheel; he

                   notices how people start running away from the amusement park and onto the
                   street. Car-horns roar in the night.

                     “Stay seated! Stay seated, stay in the carts! ”

                   The driver lights a powerful flashlight against the wheel while shouting and
                   waving with his arms like crazy.

                     Janokovic can't see anything, but he remembers – or faintly glimpses - where

                   the ticket door is. He runs to the door, brutally pushes the door open, fumbling
                   around in the dark.

                   The two cabin-drivers are both fully occupied at the Ferris wheel. Terry's voice

                   overwhelms the panicked guests.
                     “Stay calm! In a moment the light will be back on.” This time he sounds


                   Then there is a loud scream followed by dump sounds as a female body hits the
                   metal bars on the Ferris wheel's arms before she hits the ground.

                   "Stooop! Stay in the wagons! ”
                   Deep silence, a scream, again the same sound of body against metal, followed by
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