P. 9

thinking his plan through. The wristwatch shows 18, the bottle of ignition liquid

                   is where it ought to be, hidden between the comics, wrapped in a brown paper
                   bag. It will be an hour before the rest of the gang is back on the pier. He knows

                   that the guards patrolling the pier, the boardwalk and the small fairgrounds, they

                   usually arrive around 7pm and 8pm, but it differs where they choose to start.
                   One team starts by going out to the dock and takes a break and ends at the Ferris

                   wheel at about 20.00, while the other team starts at the fairgrounds and ends the

                   round at the dock. He bets that is the team that ends at the funfair today. He has
                   made great efforts to find out if there is a pattern in their way of patrolling. It has

                   been impossible for him to find a pattern and there are constantly different
                   guards. If he’s unlucky it’s the guards who starts their patrol at the fairgrounds.

                   His plan will fail if that’s the case.

                   If they catch them, they would be brought the guards' car, then driven out of
                   town to a deserted place, and lastly given such a beating that they have to make

                   an extended holiday in the infirmary. The guards are former criminals who love

                   kicking the shit out people for a minor detail. The company have granted them a
                   second chance in life. Everyone in the city, plus the surrounding areas, knows

                   that they are extraordinarily efficient catching gypsies, pickpockets or drunkards
                   making trouble, either on the street or at the city's pubs and discos.

                     Jano always said that he wants to be like his father - a rebel and activist. His

                   only memory of his father is from before his parents divorced; it's been nine
                   years since he last saw him. He remembers his father, Ivan, always spoke with a

                   very loudly and eagerly voice, he always wore old green military shirts with

                   straps on his shoulders, and his big black beard scratched and tickled him. Ivan
                   always gave him comics instead of real gifts. It was comics that were about

                   Yugoslavia in ancient wars, about men who fought for the fatherland and saved

                   the beautiful heroine from evil rulers and foreign lands.
                     "He’s been in prison for most of his life and is probably still in there. I should

                   never have been attracted to him ”

                   This is what his mother usually says when they sit alone at dinner and she feels
                   bad. She always feels bad when Jack isn't there to take care of her. Jack usually

                   makes her relax; he is older than Mother and most people think he is her father
                   and Janokovic's grandfather. "Calm down, Petra," which is Mother’s name,
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