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pants are too short, and on his feet he wears a pair of worn out blue Adidas

                     "No, but I have an idea that for once can make us rich," Janokovic replies.

                     "Rich!" Matt growls. "How?"

                     "If you have a plan, why don't you just say it?" Eik adds, looking at him

                     "It's too dangerous, it's not achievable yet. I talk about it when I’ve been home,

                   eating,” Janokovic replies.

                   Of the five tourist-coaches that used to stop in the parking lot in front of the First
                   Brighton hotel, only one is left. The bus guide stands in front of the bus and

                   sweats. Her face is small and round, surrounded by a bushy mane of thick, brown

                   pageboy. She is dressed in a uniform consisting of a white shirt, small blue vest
                   and skirt - matching colours. She is waving a sign with the capital letters


                     "Please hurry up, the bus will leave in ten minutes," she cries impatiently to the
                   sleepy crowd of elderly people, the travel company consists of.

                   At the same time, there is a howl from the 32 gondolas in the city's main
                   attraction: the Ferris wheel.

                     "We are leaving now," yells the charioteer, sitting in a small cabin next to them.

                   He pulls hard in one of the two metal handles placed on the primitive control
                   panel in front of him. As the Ferris wheel starts to run, he presses the tape

                   recorder. Abba’s Mama Mia roars out in the tiny amusement park from a

                   tactically well-placed speaker, everyone around the park can get the experience
                   of being in the Ferris wheel, music wise at least. There are loud howls and

                   squeals from the 32 gondolas that are filled to the breaking point with

                   passengers. Each ride takes five minutes and during that time it is impossible to
                   have a normal conversation in and near the small park where the Ferris wheel is


                     The guide knows this, and she instead starts flailing heavily with the sign. If her
                   group of 50 retirees does not get on the bus before 5pm, they risk getting stuck

                   in traffic jams on the highway. The pensioners do not seem to respond to her
                   efforts, nor do they bother to set the up pace because of the heat. They stop and
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