P. 6

the late afternoon swim in the hotel's exclusive, and not least calm, swimming

                   pool, far away from the city’s hustle and bustle on a Saturday afternoon during
                   the summer holidays.

                     "You're getting big now," Richard says, smiling while towelling his grey

                   moustache and stroking his grey hair back. His face is sunburnt and ambitious,
                   with big smiley wrinkles around those friendly grey-green eyes, his body sporty

                   and slender, few believe him when he tells them his age - 60.

                    Tom swims closer and closer towards his father. When he is completely beside

                   him, he dives underwater and clutches Richard's legs. With a quick grab, Richard
                   snatches the boy, lifts him out of the water, sets off with his feet off the edge of

                   the pool and swims out into the middle of the pool, where he treads water while

                   holding Tom as high as he can above his head with both arms. Tom howls an

                     "Are you ready?" Richard says, continuing to swing Tom around.

                   Tom doesn't answer, but laughs instead.
                     "Hey, you two, don't you think it’s time to relax?"

                   Jeanett sits on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water and a towel
                   wrapped around her shoulders.

                   At the same time Richard unties his grip and drops Tom, he hangs in the air for a

                   few second and then lands with a big splash, legs first an arm's length from
                   Richard and disappears into the water for a few seconds. As he returns to the

                   surface, he yells:

                     “One more time, Dad! Again!"
                     "It’s over for today, boys. You have to play tomorrow." Jeanett stands up, giving

                   Tom signs with her arms that he needs to get up.

                     "Break for today," says Richard.
                     "Tom, we're going out and celebrating your birthday at a nice restaurant, and

                   you’ll get your present from mom and me, and afterwards we go to Tivoli and try

                   the big Ferris wheel," Richard says, and climbs out of the pool, goes to Jeanett
                   and presses a kiss on her forehead while his hands is caressing her slender,

                   ebony-coloured back.
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